Early Boxing Press

Various news stories about boxer Angel Bovee during the first three years of her boxing career and the quest to get women's boxing included in the Olympic Games.

A Ring of Their Own

“Michael Penland's A Ring of Their Own shows a happily coupled lesbian duo, Ann-Marie Saccurato and Angel Bovee, helping each other survive in the financially challenging Wild West of women's pro boxing. The couple describe how much they depend on each other to stay focused in a sport where there are few paydays, and where scheduled bouts may vanish like deer in the forest if an opponent gets wind of your prowess. The arc of the film follows Saccurato's preparation for her biggest fight, a 10-round world title brawl against a more experienced Canadian and and current world title holder. The film ends on an exciting display of female pugilistic fireworks as we meet some articulate and very sexy role models for a generation of young women truly stretching their boundaries.”


A Ring of Their Own captures the drama of Ann-Marie Saccurato

and Angel Bovee, female competitors in one of the most aggressive and male-identified sports on the planet — boxing. Two remarkable women push themselves to their absolute physical limits, then make a radically different choice than many professional gay athletes by living out and proud, becoming true pioneers

in the ring.

New York Golden Glove Finals

Madison Square Garden

Angel was fortunate to not only make it to the finals but also to  win the New York  Golden Gloves at Madison Square Garden three times!  This bout is the finals against Sheila Fleurimont for the 145 Pound title.

Hit the Books

Educational program from Boxing Resource Center

Proud to have been part of this unique educational program through  Boxing Resource Center in Nashville, TN.  This program included after-school tutoring, boxing and soccer instruction for disadvantaged youth.

National Golden Gloves

U.S. Champion Angel Bovee vs. U.S. Champion Jill Emery

US National Champion Angel Bovee vs. US National Champion Jill Emery at Women's National Golden Gloves.  We knew each other's styles so well, the bout was a desperate attempt for both parties to outpoint the other.  We fought each other 4 times total--going 2 for 2!
Referee Kevin Franklin, Angel's Coach Lee Shabaka

Sparring Crunch Gym, NYC

U.S. Champion Jean Martin sparring U.S. National Champion Angel Bovee, Crunch Gym, NYC.

Finals, National Golden Gloves

Angel won the National Golden Glove title three times.  This is the final bout from her first-ever title win in Augusta, GA in 2000 not too long after she first started boxing.   She would come a long way after this!   This is the first time Angel and Coach Chirsty Halbert started their long friendship and 13 year history of athlete advocacy and fighting for women's equality.  Halbert, owner of Boxing Resource Center in Nashville, TN  went on to win the prestigious Olympic Torch Award and was one of the 2012 London Olympic Coaches for the debut of women's boxing!  Angel is boxing Me'shell Carter.