Early Boxing Press

Various news stories about boxer Angel Bovee during the first three years of her boxing career and the quest to get women's boxing included in the Olympic Games.

One Year Until Tokyo 2021

Fun video we did to promote Adecco's official sponsorship with Team USA.  You will see some of my clients, colleagues and friends that I have known for a decade!​

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

I have been fortunate enough to attend five Olympic Games in my current role as a Career Coach and Athlete Development Specialist for the Adecco Foundation.  In each Olympics I have produced behind the scenes videos of what it is like to be at the Olympic Games in addition to what it is like to be an athlete and face that difficult transition out of sport into your next career.

In this video, my friend and boss, Rachelle Chapman and I did some iphones videos together-this one about moderating a panel on athlete transition at the Athlete's Village.  Through boxing and in my work as a career coach for Team USA, I have had been able to travel the world and have some amazing experiences.  I am a very luck lady!

Love Wins!

June 26th, 2015 started like any other day.  I was home, working remote while Alex was in downtown Denver at her office.  Not even an hour into the work day, the news broke that the Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage legal in all 50 states.

Alex and I were planning on getting married later that year but she jumped on the phone and said, "You Wanna?"  I said, "Hells  Yes!" I ran upstairs, hung our rainbow flag on the balcony, threw on my Chucks and headed down to the Clerk and Recorders office.  I arrived and Alex's work colleagues brought flowers.  We all knew this was an historic day we didn't think we would see in our lifetimes.

And wouldn't you know it, our little spontaneous ceremony was captured by the AP press and ended up airing all over the world.  That night we went to a rally at the Capital and it was one of the most reaffirming and positive experiences in my life.  I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be!T he Universe is so kind sometimes, and this was an incredible moment and day that Alex and I will always remember.

You can find the raw AP footage in the link to the left.  We appear at about 1:15.  Below is a complete EuroNews story including our ceremony!

Check out the EuroNews Coverage of our ceremony!

Global Talent Competitive Index 2018

Diversity of thought and the freedom to be your authentic self bring out the best in people and in teams – hence they should be encouraged. Angel Bovee, the Adecco Group Career Coach for the USOC’s Athlete Career and Education Program, shares her experience of supporting elite athletes who are transitioning from sport to work and employers who are benefitting from athletes’ exceptional skills set. Angel also discusses how companies that really embrace diversity and inclusion are best suited to attract the best talent and be more competitive. Read more about the IOC and IPC Athlete Career Programme in collaboration with the Adecco Group on https://athlete.adecco.com/​ Learn more about our Global Talent competitiveness index https://gtcistudy.com/

Why Athlete Make Great Employees

I have produced dozens of "behind the scene" videos at my time at Adecco to illustrate why athletes need flexible employment while they are training, the challenges athletes face in transition,  why athletes make stellar employees and how the Adecco Foundation supports athletes throughout their entire life cycle. 

This video is a compilation of a lot of other videos I have made to show companies why athletes make great employes.  I made this one right before leaving for the Sochi winter Olympic Games in 2014.

A Ring of Their Own

“Michael Penland's A Ring of Their Own shows a happily coupled lesbian duo, Ann-Marie Saccurato and Angel Bovee, helping each other survive in the financially challenging Wild West of women's pro boxing. The couple describe how much they depend on each other to stay focused in a sport where there are few paydays, and where scheduled bouts may vanish like deer in the forest if an opponent gets wind of your prowess. The arc of the film follows Saccurato's preparation for her biggest fight, a 10-round world title brawl against a more experienced Canadian and and current world title holder. The film ends on an exciting display of female pugilistic fireworks as we meet some articulate and very sexy role models for a generation of young women truly stretching their boundaries.”


A Ring of Their Own captures the drama of Ann-Marie Saccurato

and Angel Bovee, female competitors in one of the most aggressive and male-identified sports on the planet — boxing. Two remarkable women push themselves to their absolute physical limits, then make a radically different choice than many professional gay athletes by living out and proud, becoming true pioneers

in the ring.

Ann and I were together for eight crazy years.  She was a tough boxer that never gave up.  She was the first woman to win a WBC title three-times and this PBS documentary followed our journey to her first ever World Championship title.  We had some amazing days and some challenging ones too.  This production was a joy to be a part of.  The crew was wonderful and  very respectful.  They put some of our favorite tunes of the time in the production...looking back I  have some wild and crazy as well as fond memories of that time.  We were trying to use what little platform we had to advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights and visibility.  I am proud of what we were able to accomplish!

New York Golden Glove Finals

Madison Square Garden

I was fortunate to not only make it to the finals but also to  win the New York  Golden Gloves at Madison Square Garden three times!  One of the most thrilling places to box!  These were among some of the only times my bouts were aired on TV.  Lots of waiting before the bouts and I had a great time backstage with the other NYC boxers.  The bouts usually didn't finish until after midnight! 


This bout also included a televised same sex kiss with my partner at the time!  Scandalous! Always fun celebrating after the bouts and trying not to fall asleep in some club downtown!    I have had some wonderful coaches including Christy Halbert, Luigi Olcese, Hector Rocca, Lee Shabaka, Andy Faragon, Jarrick Jones and more!  This bout is the finals against Sheila Fleurimont for the 145 Pound title.

Pre-lim bout, NYC Golden Gloves

Vs. Jennifer Duea-pre-lims of NY Golden Gloves 2007

In my career I fought over 60 bouts, including at two World Championships, however I only have a handful on video.  This makes me sad.  I was one of the older boxers out there and certainly wasn't one of the best, but I was committed to my growth.  Most bouts took place in bars, gymnasiums, hotels, community centers and all manner of places. 

This was a pre-lim bout to make it to the finals of the NYC Golden Gloves.  In Olympic-style boxing all refs, time keepers and officials are volunteer and we all owe them a debt of gratitude for helping us be able to follow our dreams!

Hit the Books

Educational program from Boxing Resource Center

Proud to have been part of this unique educational program through  Boxing Resource Center in Nashville, TN.  This program included after-school tutoring, boxing and soccer instruction for disadvantaged youth. 


The gym has evolved over the years and is now the Fighters Boxing Gym.  Wonderful facility lead by Coach Dr. Christy Halbert, International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, one of the 2012 Olympic boxing coaches for Team USA and winner of the Olympic Torch Award for her involvement in getting women's boxing included in the Olympic Games.

National Golden Gloves

U.S. Champion Angel Bovee vs. U.S. Champion Jill Emery

Jill and I knew each other's styles so well, the bout was a desperate attempt for both parties to outpoint the other.  Wasn't a pretty bout.  We fought each other 4 times total--going 2 for 2!   Jill Emery and Alicia Ashley were the first two boxers I ever sparred when I arrived in NYC.  They were both gracious with their time and talent and taught me a lot!

Referee Kevin Franklin, Angel's Coach Lee Shabaka

Sparring Crunch Gym, NYC

U.S. Champion Jean Martin and I sparring at Crunch Gym, NYC.  Back in the day we didn't have cell phones to record our every life moments.  I am lucky to have had a coach that occasionally filmed our sparring so I could learn from it. (Thanks Lou!)

Jean was not only a great boxer but a  sergeant with the New York City Police Department.  She is in the Daily News Golden Glove Hall of Fame.  This was the only opportunity I ever got to spar with her.  We had fun!

Very Early Boxing Press

When I started my boxing career, I was a producer at Fox 23 WXXA-TV in Albany, NY.  To date, this has been my  favorite career with some of the most wonderful people you can imagine.  I was sad to leave it to pursue boxing full-time.

When I won my first National title, my station did some news stories about me.   Its a bit embarrassing to view this now, but I was just entering the athletic world and didn't know what I was doing!  I can look back and be proud of the personal growth I experienced over the next decade trying to make it to the Olympic Games. 

Finals, National Golden Gloves
Augusta, GA

This is one of my first bouts I have on video.  I was lucky enough to win the National Golden Glove title three times.  This is the final bout from my first-ever title win in Augusta, GA in 2000, not too long after I first started boxing.   I brazenly (and stupidly) travelled to Augusta to compete without a coach.  i was lucky to have my best friend Kathy come to support (And film this video!) This is where Coach Christy Halbert and I started our long friendship and 13 year history of athlete advocacy and fighting for women's equality.  Halbert, owner of Boxing Resource Center in Nashville, TN  (Now Fighters Gym Nashville), went on to win the prestigious Olympic Torch Award and was one of the 2012 London Olympic Coaches for the debut of women's boxing!  I am boxing Me'shell Carter.  Back then, the boxers had a sense of camaraderie and we all helped each other out when needed.  You might finish your bout and go on to work the corner of another boxer you just met.

Due to my nerves, I had a hard time maintaining my weight and I remember forcing myself to eat everything in sight to stay above the lower weight limit for my weight class.  Later I was to drop two weight classes to 138 and never had that problem again!