Commitments. . .

Love Wins Today

We all make commitments. . . to our job, to our sport, to our families, and to what moves us. I am excited to make this new commitment-Marriage! Today saw the decision of the Supreme Court to have marriage legal for same sex couples in all 50 states! To be honest, I thought I would never see this day in my lifetime. I am getting used to having to wait for changes that I think are should be easy to implement but often take a lifetime to accomplish, so I am just beside myself to be part of this historic day! I can't stop smiling because of the step towards equality and because of this amazing woman I get to share the rest of my days with.

Alex and I rushed down to the courthouse to make our commitment "legal". We have having a ceremony in October but needed to make this move today to celebrate this huge step towards equality. Commitment is work, marriage is work. . . I look forward to exploring this path with all its ups and downs.

We also made news worldwide! Check out this video! Crazy right time right place kind of day!

Let's hope this brings about more love and acceptance into this world.


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