Athlete Career & Education Program

Since partnering with the USOC in July 2005, Adecco Group North America —part of the world’s leading provider of recruitment and workforce solutions—has served more than 2,000 U.S. Olympic Movement participants including Olympians, Paralympians, coaches and elite athletes. Adecco services include tailored athlete summits and career coaching focused on helping members of the Olympic family make a smooth transition from the field of play to the workplace. Additionally, job placement services are provided, which include expert resume development, interview coaching, career seminars, job research and placement.


Angelique works in the Athlete Career and Education Program as a Specialist for Adecco with her homebase right in the U.S. Olympic Committee Headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO!  If your company is interested in hiring athletes and supporting Team USA, email Angelique at



Presentation video on the Athlete Career Program, a unique partnership between the United STates Olympic Committee and Adecco that helps place Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls in part-time flexible jobs that work around their training and cempeition scheudles.  We have athletes working all over the country and gaining valuable career experience for their life after sport!


Athlete Career Program
2012 London Olympic Games Blog compilation



Angel produced several video blogs about the Athlete Career Program while she was at the 2012 London Olympic Games.  Just her, her camera, and her gorilla tripod!  Here is a summary video of all the blogs. Scroll down to see t he individual blogs from London and stay tuned for some new blogs from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games!




Most Olympic and Paralympic athletes never make it to the front of a cereal box.  Angel was no excpetion!  Check out the training facilities of the U.S. Boxing team and learn why most athletes need part-time jobs to fund their Olympic and Paralympic dreams!


2012 London Olympic Games Earning a paycheck
2012 London Olympic Games Olympic Oath

Learn about the Olympic oath all athletes take!  No athlete makes it to the Olympics or Paralympics alone.  t takes a "Team behind the Team" to make it to the games.  Find out about some of the comapnies that support athletes by participating in the Athlete Career Program!


2012 London Olympic Games Fencer James Williams

James, the youngest member of the 2008 U.S. Fencing Team also works in the Athlete Career Program.  Check out James guest for hardware in London and the benefits of having a part-time flexible job!


2012 London Olympic Games Varied Skill Set

Athletes bring a host of soft skills to the workplace including tenacity, drive, focus, teamwork and much, much more!  Learn how Adecco makes it easy for you to athletes and support Team USA!

2012 London Olympic Games Hilton Worldwide

Learn about HiltonHonors committment to the Athlete Career Program.  They have hired athletes all around the country and they couldn't be happier.  Find out why athletes make such good employees!

2012 London Olympic Games Six-time Paralympian Allison Jones

Meet Allison Jones, a U.S. winter and summer mulit-medal winning Paralympic athletes!  Allison also works in the Athlete Career Program as a Virtual Sourcer for Adecco.  Check out her inspirational story!